Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Going for mani and pedi tml with miss chan (: School's going to reopen on next monday, and I'd been sleeping in the morning like 9am. dead. Im will try very hard to keep this blog alive lols.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recommendations* Schwarzkopf hair mask.

Damaged hair? No problem!
Recently I was so depressed with my own hair, its totally damaged, no joke.
Its my fault thou, because ever since, I never really took care of my hair.
I always do on the usual routine, wash & air dry, and thats it.
Then, in this year, I dyed my hair like so often that it died on me :(
Then I realized I should do something about it.
Its beyond expected that my hair would became like this eventually.
I went to seek for help la obviously.
Many told me to use conditioner, but useless for servere damaged hair like mine -.-
Then Alicia chua, my dear friend asked me to try hair mask.
Miraculously, my hair was saved! wooo ~
So here I am to recommend you this hair mask!

okay I bought @ only $11.50 , but watsons sells @ $13.50 if I'm not wrong..

Basically all you have to do is shampoo your hair, after, you apply a suitable amt (depending on thickness of hair) , and wait for 1min, and then you rinse thoroughly. So while waiting, you can wash your face, brush your teeth etc.
Trust me, you'll definitely feel the results after that!
All the best ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011

short update.

Before we head off to Johnny's wedding..
Sbtf is so stress, look @ her 'pimple-forehead' ! better drink plenty of water, thou I know you weren't a watery person. LOL!!!!

An awesome day out with steph @ cathay (:

Before we headed home, had drinks @ TGIF.
Signature Mojito ^^

Strawberry smoothie?

ciaos ~
tired! *morning* ~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

*EXPIRE post*

Sorry for the MIA, was busying with exams the past few weeks.
A update on cny & friends bday. lol.

mother ~
me ~
This little boy here is mix thai & indian. He is very cute okay! hahaha.

YIRU's 20th BDAY ~

20 secs! But i think they drank more than 20secs. lol~

See the bday girl face so red alrdy! lol.


H. Kimkai also got go (:

boyfriend. errrr his face abit.... ya i know lol.

zzzz just act cute only.

ya they just took my cam and camwhore themselves.

yay sistaxzzxs forrevazxzxzxzx lol.

super high~ lol.

ahbengggggg ah ~

wah why i look so fat here. lol.

was held @ M-Hotel .

Bday girl <3>


hehehe. ;x

belle bully me, my balloon so small :(

alicia & gracey ~

sbtf & jiejie ^^


Irphan ur face .... idk what to comment lol.

I noe we majiam twins LOL!

Ciaos ~